Pets at The Westville

Pet lovers we are and when we travel anywhere in the country, the Wheatens* are with us all of the time.  From the Ritz Carlton, Delft Haven, Homewood Suites, Best Western, Villa Galla and the homes of many friends across the country, we are always invited back because we consider it their home first. We want you to feel very comfortable while at the Westville, therefore we ask that you respect our home and our furniture. If your dog is not completely house broken and has a tendency to "mark," the Westville should not be considered as your vacation getaway. We would like other dogs to feel at home; therefore, if they detect another dog's scent or mark it may make for a very yappy and uncomfortable stay for everyone. We offer a water bowl, special (BLACK) towels specifically for your pets. You are expected to travel with your pet's medication (if applicable) and some of their favorite toys.

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