Ocean Bay Park

Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory

TheCape Cod Potato Chip Factory was Inspired by the worldwide love of our chips, we opened our factory doors to visitors in 1985. Ever since, we’ve been offering our loyal fans a chance to visit daily and have become one of the area’s top tourist attractions (especially on rainy days!). So be sure to stop by next time you find yourself on Cape Cod.  For more information click here

Truro Vineyards

Truro Vineyards was founded in 1992, and its main house and estate date back nearly two centuries. 

Built in 1813, the vineyard’s Federal house—now home to our offices and gift shop—was first owned by John and Hannah Hughes, and later occupied by their granddaughter Amelia and her husband Michael Rich. The Riches cultivated the estate into a prosperous farm selling grain, milk, and coal. In 1930 artist Edward Hopper painted Rich’s House and returned a year later to paint Rich’s Barn.

During the 1940’s Elton and Margaret Rich produced magnificent cantaloupes grown in the estate’s warm, well drained sandy soil. Later, this same soil and site would prove to be a perfect spot for growing grapes. A working farm for over 200 years, the Truro Vineyards estate is rich in history and vision. Visit us soon for a guided tour of our special property.

Ocean Bay Park
Ocean Bay Park

Provincetown Theatre

Formed in 2001 in Provincetown, in the birthplace of American theater, the primary purpose of The Provincetown Theater Foundation (“PTF”) is to encourage, promote, and sustain the performing arts on Outer Cape Cod through a year-round schedule of programming at the Provincetown Theater. The PTF provides performance and educational space for theatrical artists within the Outer Cape Cod community and beyond.   For more information on this seasons performances click here


Provincetown Art Museum & Association (PAAM) is a nationally recognized cultural institution dedicated to promoting and cultivating the practice and application of all branches of fine arts in Provincetown, America's oldest living art colony.  More details here 

Ocean Bay Park
Ocean Bay Park

Provincetown Monument & Museum

The Pilgrim Monument/Museum commemorates the first landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims in 1620 in Provincetown Harbor where they wrote and signed the Mayflower Compact, the first written declaration of a democratic commonwealth. At 252-feet, 7.5 inches tall and 353 feet above sea level, it is the tallest all-granite structure in the U.S. and includes 60 ramps/116 steps. It is designed to resemble Torre Del Mangia, a 14th century tower in Siena, Italy. It offers spectacular views of virtually the entire Cape. More than 85,000 people visit yearly.  Soon to open, making this landmark treasure fully ADA accessible is the tram service/fanicular to the top from Bradford....

Get a view from the top of the Pilgrim Monumnet here 

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