About Provincetown

Provincetown is renowned for its beautiful beaches, artsy residents, and wonderful vacation rentals dotting its pristine landscape to accommodate endless vacationers annually. Located in Barnstable County of Massachusetts, this fishing and farming town has gradually transformed into one of the most sought-after vacation destinations of this region, flaunting exquisite historic attractions and mind-blowing summer activities. You can even feel the magic of this fantastic retreat lazing around in your cozy Provincetown vacation rental with your near and dear ones. During the day make sure you enjoy all the lovely activities on the beaches before making a few trips to important landmarks like Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. Depending on the time of your vacation, you can also participate in many interesting festivals and weeklong events which may include The Portuguese Festival, Circuit Week (July 4th) Family Week, Carnival Week, Bear Week, and Provincetown Jazz Festival. Click Here For More Info on Calendar of Events.

Our Favorite Things To Do Around P-town

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