Travel Tips

Some travel tips when planning your vacation with your four legged pal:

  • Be sure to keep your pets certifications handy for the trip…just in case.
  • Make sure vaccines are up to date
  • Apply flea and tick repellent 2 days before embarking on your trip to Provincetown
  • Map out the emergency care facilities on your way from your hometown to us here in Provincetown.
  • Keep your pet leached at all times especially if you stop for a break at a service plaza or welcome center on your way here. Highway/road noise can be disorienting to dogs even the most well trained one.
  • Use harnesses (seatbelts) or travel crates to keep your pal secure in the event of an accident.
  • Know the pet friendly hotel chains that are enroute to and from Provincetown (pre-book if possible.)
  • Keep food and water with you for your trip. Remember dehydration is very common during travel.
  • Always offer your pet water frequently during the trip. Bring Bottled water or a few gallons of home water with you for your trip.
  • Do NOT leave your pet in the car unattended especially during the warmer months

We found a great website with additonal helpful tips for travelling with your furry Pal not just for family vacations......follow these links for more  on curbing car sickness and additional pet travel tips courtesy

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